Our Company

VivaChek Biotech (Hangzhou) Co.,Ltd was established in Hangzhou,China in August 2013.Since then, it becomes a reliable and rapidly growing manufacturer of POCT (point-of-caring testing) products and blood glucose monitoring systems with partners in over 100 countries worldwide.We also have a branch office,VivaChek Life Care,located in Chennai,India.In order to focus on the US market, Able Diagnostics Inc.was established in San Diego,California,USA in Oct 2017.

Now VivaChek Biotech is one of the leading Chinese manufacturers of blood glucose meters sold in Europe,in terms of units.This has been achieved by diligent management and cooperation among all departments,utilizing more than 30 years of combined key leadership and experiences in the IVD industry. VivaChek Biotech also focuses on investment in new product development.Most of our R&D team members have more than 10 years of experience in POCT product development;they have already successfully optimized our products and are working on new product development intelligently and efficiently.

VivaChek Biotech has launched VivaChek™ series Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems in the international and Chinese markets,more than hundreds of million accurate glucose tests have been delivered worldwide,helping people with diabetes to live in a healthier life.

In addition,VivaChek Biotech launched the POCT Immunofluorescence Analyzer in the International market in 2018.The analyzer will include rapid tests with cardiac markers,renal functions,tumor markers,diabetes,infection,and hormone tests.Since 2020,VivaChek Biotech developed varies SARS-COV-2 tests including IgG/IgM antibody,antigen,saliva kits and etc.,to help human being to fight for pandemic.

VivaChek Biotech also has robust pipeline for hemoglobin meter,a cholesterol test system,ketone/blood glucose/uric acid 4 in 1 analyzer,RT-PCR detection system and many other innovative instruments.We are committed to bringing user-friendly products to customers worldwide.


In VivaChek,we share common beliefs and values and we stress on Professionalism,Respect,Trust and Leadership.

Professional means a lot.In VivaChek,the core value of Professionalism is Customer Satisfaction. We constantly strive to understand our customers' needs and turning them into our challenges – this is what motivates us in our daily job,and through out to the products design,production and distribution.

Professional also means Specialized Knowledge,Competency,Honesty and Integrity,Accountability, Self-Regulation,Image,Team Work and Continuously Learning.

Respect and Trust
Respect means thinking of how somebody else feels.Respect is treating another person the same way you'd want to be treated yourself.We believe in Respect,we also believe in the power of Trust.We give full respect and trust to our employees,our customers and business partners.In VivaChek,we especially stress on respect and trust,because we believe that every employee is the image and on behalf of VivaChek in front of our customers,and we believe only if we respect and trust our employees,they will then respect and trust our customers.

Our employees are the most valuable assets in VivaChek,they are the key of our success.We consider everyone as an individual;we respect their dignity and recognize their excellence.We nurture an environment where working is more than just a job.We focus on cultivating and sustaining an open, equal and inspiring work environment and a diverse workforce that shares our common beliefs and values.

We believe that every individual matters.We encourage and enable every individual in VivaChek to cultivate her/his leadership – to be a leader and grow continuously.Leadership in VivaChek means having the ability to inspire or influence others to strive towards the goal.Leadership has nothing to do with seniority or one's position or title.Leadership stems from social influence,not authority or power.As a company,VivaChek is also striving to be one of the leading companies in the medical diagnostic industry globally,and we pursue high stand of social responsibility which we believe as an important part of leadership.

Vision & Mission

Our goal is to grow as a trustworthy POCT solution provider for high quality products that exceeds customers' expectations!
Together,we will create a successful company that we all will be proud of in our lifetime to help and benefit the healthcare industry and our customers worldwide!