Blood Glucose Monitoring System (BGMS) Business Executives

Update: 2015-12-01

NOTE: This Job Offer is only for strong; self-confident & determined boys and girls looking for a challenging hardcore sales job.

The job is not easy, and in the end, some may think it is not that rewarding compared to other sales jobs. The job burden is high and for some it may be monotone if they do not innovate their business strategies.

So get ready for the ‘Glucose’ Ride: The Energy Ride.

You will promote BGMS and you will have to tackle a few tasks:
1) He or she sells the ‘meter’.
2) Do troubleshooting.
3) Plan Continuous ‘Meter’ Education – especially for upgrades.

BGMS is considered an over the counter product which means the target market is the end users – the diabetic patients who do self monitoring or their next of kin who care. What it also means is – the market is wide open. Competitors come in many forms and from almost everywhere since they all think this is a highly lucrative market.

It definitely is.

Whatever it is, you typically will have to target two market segments – the Public and the Retail segment. Public segment includes Government Clinics in the Hospitals that deal directly with diabetic and potential diabetic patients especially the geriatrics (the senior citizens).

It also includes in this segment the peripheral clinic, usually located in the districts (outskirts) or rural area, and academic institutions. Since you will deal directly with the customers the transaction is pretty straight forward. It seldom breeches a huge amount which requires tender offering or things like that, and this makes your job, relatively easier – compared to Rep selling huge analyzers.

But this is where your job multiply because you have to do Service and Maintenance – or make Check-up or conduct Diabetes Camps on week ends to promote your BGMS. Considering the high burden of a typical general hospital plus the attitude of the staff whose responsible for running the glucometer - who can become highly dependant on you.

Things are not much different with the retail segment.

With retail selling, you will sell to mostly pharmacists, and some independent healthcare providers. As usual, price and the total cost are the main concerns hence this is where competitors consider their playground.

The name of the game is ‘where is the opening?’.

The downfall can come not from the glucometer but from the strips that the meter uses. If your customers have to pay ‘arm and leg’ for the meter they often expect cheaper price for strips. And that is more important because it is the strips that customers have to buy often – not the meter depending on the strategy you would adopt.

Along the way, there are going to be upgrades for the meter, and you will have to re-educate the users. Even if there is no upgrade, there are times when customers experience changes like transfer, policy changes, buy-backs etc. which requires retraining.

That will take the time and energy away from a ‘real’ selling situation but it is not less important. In fact, the willingness of a customer to stick to a brand is largely depending on such supporting factors.

Price alone would not cut it.

Despite all the ‘excitements’ listed above, many may find their job as dull and monotone. Understandably because the equation of ‘burden-reward’ is in severe imbalance this might not sound fair but the ‘return of investment’ from this portfolio for a Diagnostic Pharmaceutical Company is not ‘sky-high’ either.

A Diagnostic Pharmaceutical Company can get more from a sale of a bench-top analyzer than a combination of 10 glucometers! But if you are innovative every near patient person is a business opportunity for you and the market is huge and will continue to grow in future too.

Your job is simply to promote, troubleshoot, and retrain. Expand your distribution network; make ethical sales and achieve business objectives. You will have to be prepared mentally and physically for the kind of challenge you will face from the market, and prepare for not-so-impressive rate of return on effort if you are not innovative and strategic considering the local competitive market scenario. But still, this job will provide wonderful sales experience and preparation for bigger sales job and brighter objectives in life.

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