VivaChek Singapore and VivaChek India were established

Update: 2016-04-08

Recently, VivaChek Singapore and VivaChek India were established. VivaChek glucose meters were launched last year, and it has been sold to over 30 countries around the world. The foundation of VivaChek Singapore branch and VivaChek India branch speed up the process of internationalization of VivaChek company.

More importantly, the product's feedback from customers all over the world is very positive thanks to high accuracy and easy of use.

From now on, with the foundation of new branch companies in Singapore and India, VivaChek would provide better service to its customers in these two countries. It also means that the Company has hit a more significant milestone in the process of internationalization.

Since the establishment of VivaChek, its quality system and production management are carried out in strict accordance with GMP China, ISO and FDA QSR requirements. Insisting on globalization vision, VivaChek takes advantage of its professionalism and efficiency for providing glucose meters of high quality worldwide.

As one of the BRICS, India is the biggest country in South Asia. It has huge market potential with its fast growing economy. While Singapore is a key transit point in the Asia-Pacific region thanks to its superior geographical location, prosperous economy and mature market. There would be some great strategic meanings on the foundation of VivaChek India and VivaChek Singapore.