VivaChek Glucose Monitoring Systems are showing good during inpection of the Minister of Health Moldova

Update: 2016-12-30

The Republic of Moldova, referred to as "Moldova", is located in the landlocked country of south-east Europe, bordering Romania and Chisinau,Moldova is a former Soviet republic, independent in 1991, is now a member of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

A few days ago the VivaChek Glucose Monitoring Systems were inspected by the Minister of health of Moladova and the local state TV broadcast the video during prime-time.

VivaChek Ino won the tender of Ministry of Health of Moldova,and the tender will be used for more than 400 children in the country who suffer from diabetes, will receive free tests for blood sugar control and blood glucose meters Lancet.

The video link :

Some show of VivaChek Ino got from video: