Not Available for Sales in the US

VivaDiag™ POCT Analyzer VIM01

Quantitative Fluorescence Immunochromatography

  • *Cardiac Markers
  • Tumor Markers
  • *Infection
  • *Renal Function
  • *Diabetes
  • *Hormone
  • *Others

*Available tests

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  • Fast & Reliable Results

    Only 10±5s, the analyzer gains reliable results

  • Multiple Parameters Detection

    The analyzer can detect 30+ parameters by auto-scan the code chip

  • Large capacity

    50000 results memory

  • Wide range temperature storage

    2-30℃ storage,no need cold chain

  • Simple maintenance

    External cleaning only, reduce the total cost

Steps for simple test

  • Mix the sample width buffer

  • Add the mixed specimen

  • Insert device into the analyzer

Weight 1.5 Kg
Dimension 173x210x75.8 mm
Channel Single
Display 3.5'' LCD
Coding Code chip
Barcode identification 2D
Test time 10±5s
Operation temperature 5-40℃
Storage temperature -10-40℃
Relative humidity 20-90%
Connectivity Direct LIS/HIS
Battery AC/DC adapter
Printer Built-in
Memory 50000 results

Not Available for Sales in the US