VivaDiagTM Hemoglobin Testing System

VivaDiagTM Hemoglobin Testing System provides a fast, reliable measurement. It helps people with anemia and other red blood cell disorders to manage their hemoglobin levels.

Hemoglobin Testing System

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  • Wide hemoglobin measurement range
  • Results only in 15 seconds
  • Portable mode & compact design
  • A hand-held analyzer with large LCD can easy to read
  • Minimize training for operation

Steps for simple test

  • Insert the strip

  • Apply the blood drop*

  • Read the results

*10 μL capillary transfer tube or pipette also can be used


Methodology Reflectance photometer
Test time <15 seconds
Measurement range 3.0-25.6 g/dL, 30-256 g/L or 1.86-15.9 mmol/L
Units of measurement g/dL, g/L, mmol/L
Sample type Whole blood (capillary, venous)
Sample volume 10 μL
Operating conditions 2-40ºC, ≤90% RH
Storage conditions 0-50ºC; ≤90% RH
Automatic shut off 8 minutes after last use
Battery life 100 hours or 1,000 tests
Connectivity USB data transfer cable (optional)
Memory 1,000 records