VivaChek™ Ino Sound BGMS

Talking function

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  • 1,000 memories with date and time, and also 7, 14, 30-day averaging
  • Voice assistant to guide testing glucose step by step
  • 4 adjustable voice levels for your selection
  • Backlight & Strip light (easy to use day & night)
  • Supports AST (alternate site testing)

Advanced features for 8 electrodes strip

  • Code calibration (auto-coding)
  • Ensures sufficient sample size
  • Eliminates the HCT (hematocrit) ierference
  • Eliminates the temperature interference
  • Checks for the possible damage of the test strip
  • Checks for the humidity exposure
Test range 10-600 mg/dL (0.6-33.3 mmol/L)
Result calibration Plasma-equivalent
Sample type Fresh capillary whole blood
Enzyme Glucose Oxidase
Sample size About 0.5 μL
Testing time About 5 seconds
Operation temperature 5°C - 45°C (41°F -113°F)
Operation humidity R.H. ≦ 10-90%
Hematocrit range 20-70%
Battery 2*AAA
Battery life 1,000 without Bluetooth; 500 with Bluetooth
Memory 1000 results with time and date
Voice guide function Optional
Bluetooth function Optional