Adenovirus Nucleic Acid Detection Kit

VivaDiag™ Adenovirus Nucleic Acid Detection Kit is designed for in-vitro detection of Respiratory Adenovirus in nasal swab or throat swab specimens. Test results of the diagnostic kit are used for clinical reference, other relevant medical examination results should be considered for comprehensive analysis. Test results should not be used as a sole basis for clinical diagnosis and negative results cannot preclude infections.

Internal control
Negative and positive
controls provide
calibration for the kit
Great performance
High sensitivity
and specificity;
No cross-reactivity
dUTP and UNG
enzyme are used

Operation procedures

1. Sample collection
2.Nucleic acid extraction
3.PCR amplification
4.Result analysis


Performance Sensitivity:500 copies/mL; Precision:CV<5%
Test Principle Real-time PCR
Sample Type Nasal swab or throat swab
Target Genes Adenovirus DNA
Test Time 70 min
Operation Temperature Room temperature
Storage Temperature -25℃ to -15℃
Packing Size 48T/Kit, 96T/Kit
Shelf Life 12 months

Amplification and detection instruments

Applied Biosystems™ 7500 Real-Time PCR System; Applied Biosystems™ 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System; Roche LightCycler® 480 System; Bio-Rad CFX96 Real-Time System; Hongshi SLAN®-96P Real-Time PCR System; Real-Time PCR Detection System AGS8830; Rotor-Gene Q 5plex Platform; Tianlong Gentier 96E Real-Time PCR System; Bioer technology FQD-96C